Journal Your Gratitude

You are invited to post five things you are thankful for daily. Anyone can post. Grab a friend and hold each other accountable. Encourage your kids to post their gratitude. Cultivating the practice of gratitude has eight well-documented benefits:

  • Gratitude improves mental and emotional health
  • Gratitude improves physical health
  • Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression
  • Gratitude helps you sleep better
  • Gratitude opens the door to deeper, more diverse relationships
  • Gratitude strengthens self-compassion
  • Gratitude cultivates your ability to focus on the present

Journal Your Gratitude

Post five things you are thankful for in the forum below. Focus on little things (a photo that makes you smile), things you take for granted (e.g., air conditioning), a phone call from someone special, a fond memory, the skills to take on a challenging task, using skills to cope with a difficult situation, something in nature, a kindness or something else.

Three Easy Steps

Here are the instructions. Try it once. If you like it, come back again and again.

  • Select the current month
  • Click reply and enter five things you are grateful for.
  • Click Submit

You do not need to register. It’s that simple! That’s it! Now give it a try. If you like it keep coming back.

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July 2020


~ seeing my godson for the first time in 4 months

~ watching my daughter light up when she shows me her final creative product

~having food to prepare for my family

~ successfully navigating another day in online education

~ friends and family who can help with transportation in a pinch




Grateful for living through the absolute fear of experiencing emotions and survived even feeling better

grateful for having a therapist to contact during a crisis and remind me of the skills I have to use

grateful to have received the guidance a solo journey through deep grief, first full experience like that

Grateful to have this form of a journal and  my arms around my pup drifting off to sleep 

  • Grateful that I am mobile - that I can walk
  • Grateful that I am able to work
  • Grateful that I still have my parents
  • Grateful that I have a home
  • Grateful that I didn't lose my temper this morning with a loved one.  

Grateful for deep restful sleep

having a new day fresh beginning

for the body scan and movement meditation

im going to be a great aunt again

laughter with grief with my dad


New client

Some time alone w. S

Gorgeous sunny day

My parents

Long talks with girlfriends

Day off


From 7/24 (written on paper when not near my computer)

My own boundaries, and not feeling guilty when implementing them

My dog basking in the sun

My kids are alive


Funny memes/videos to get me through


For sunflower seeds as a snack or in salad

for FB when positive discovered Yoda and seagull on YouTube from a friend, laughed so hard my sides still hurt

for deep sound sleep

for a rested feeling all day 

for shared memories with my sister

  • Getting a lot of yard work done today 
  • Being 60 years old and still able to cycle long distance 
  • seeing a road runner
  • a beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds this morning
  • Seeing small positive changes in myself

- grocery trip with safety measures and fresh produce

- ability to afford some take out after a long weekend with family 

- a friend who is a great support when things are stressful 

- sweet puppies who keep me company 

- chocolate cake and a big glass of milk 



Long videocalls with friends who are far away

Feeling supported and understood 

Welcoming new friends 

Paddle boarding in the nature 

Ice cream 


Lovely dinner with lovely company 



My therapist

Already feeling that I've accomplished a lot by 10am 

Not getting rained at 

Being able to laugh from deep inside 

Connecting with my inner child 

Being considered family by a friend 



Why Journal Your Gratitude

A Harvard study of 15,000 people found our minds are on mindless autopilot almost 60 percent of the day. A Texas Tech study found that when our minds are on autopilot 60-70 percent of our thoughts are negative. And that’s in the general population. People who are depressed or anxious think negative thoughts more than the general population. This is why developing the habit of noticing positives is so important to healing.

Good news! We Can Train Our Minds

We can train our minds to notice the positives in our lives. We train our minds by simply noticing the positives. We can speed our progress by journaling them and periodically looking back to celebrate progress. Practicing in a community increases our motivation and speeds learning to notice both the wanted and unwanted in our lives even more.

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