Journal Your Gratitude

You are invited to post five things you are thankful for daily. Anyone can post. Grab a friend and hold each other accountable. Encourage your kids to post their gratitude. Cultivating the practice of gratitude has eight well-documented benefits:

  • Gratitude improves mental and emotional health
  • Gratitude improves physical health
  • Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression
  • Gratitude helps you sleep better
  • Gratitude opens the door to deeper, more diverse relationships
  • Gratitude strengthens self-compassion
  • Gratitude cultivates your ability to focus on the present

Journal Your Gratitude

Post five things you are thankful for in the forum below. Focus on little things (a photo that makes you smile), things you take for granted (e.g., air conditioning), a phone call from someone special, a fond memory, the skills to take on a challenging task, using skills to cope with a difficult situation, something in nature, a kindness or something else.

Three Easy Steps

Here are the instructions. Try it once. If you like it, come back again and again.

  • Select the current month
  • Click reply and enter five things you are grateful for.
  • Click Submit

You do not need to register. It’s that simple! That’s it! Now give it a try. If you like it keep coming back.

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June 2020

  1. not getting admitted to the hospital for my health issue and getting to stay home n wait to see my dr in a week. 
  2. being mindful this week and taking care of my own needs.
  3. sleeping in my own bed and taking naps because i really need it right now
  4. practicing gratitude and feeling grateful for having a roof over my head water n gatorade to drink n food to eat/ basic life essentials 
  5. having a nice encounter w the nurse in the emergency room


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One Mindfully

Grateful this Friday morning for ...

~ Sarina not being hospitalized
~ the opportunity to say goodbye to my dad one last time
~ he told me he wanted to see me before he died
~ I listened and went to see him
~ occasional smiles & laughter, a word or two the first couple days
~ he knew who I was when we arrived but not when I said goodbye
~ mom doing well emotionally but stress taking a toll on Alzheimer's
~ my dad is ready to let go
~ closer than ever to my mom
~ all is well ... life is good



Grateful for the following:

  • dinner with friends outside
  • good customer service when ordering in take out 
  • support received from new parents (by way of sharing old belongings and helpful advice)
  • my dad - who shared how to make his pasta dinner step by step without me asking (made me really appreciate his idiosyncrasies) 
  • time
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One Mindfully
  • the smell of my son's hair first thing in the morning
  • the delectable taste of french toast soaked in maple syrup and sugar
  • the pert sprouts that emerge from the seeds I planted last week
  • the deep affection of my partners words
  • the soft, squishy feel of a newly crocheted afghan

Izzy R

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One Mindfully
  • Snuggling this baby 
  • movie night with big brother
  • a walk outside 
  • phone call with grandma
  • an afternoon of work in a quiet room


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One Mindfully

Today I was grateful for:

  • my dog who jumped on me as soon as I got home from a long day at work
  • one of the children in the daycare who always says "wove you miss Haweigh" 
  • my director at work who bought everyone Chinese food for lunch out of her own pocket
  • the sunshine to lay out in by the pool and relax
  • Steven King novels to help me get my mind off of life 


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One Mindfully

Today I'm thankful for: 

Work schedule flexibility

Energy and motivation to workout

The sun in my skin

Being able to relax during body scan meditation 

Being able to just be my unfiltered self



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One Mindfully

My long wait on a doctor's waiting list is over and I can get an appointment.

Swimming returned this week

My daughter's relatively smooth and drama-free getting-out-the-door morning routine


Cat's health issues solved

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One Mindfully

This morning I have been mindfully and intentionally grateful for:

  • my parent's dogs waking me up and getting me outside early this morning 
  • the nice weather and the smell before the rain
  • this group and gratitude journal for reminding me to find joy in the little things 
  • the coffee that helped me start my day off right 
  • the birds that eat from my parent's bird feeder and sing happily 
  • my family for letting me dog/house sit and use the pool while they are gone 
  • my grandma for coming over today to help me pack for moving to a new apartment next week
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One Mindfully
  • The nuthatch that gave me a good view this morning
  • Lots of butternut squash in my garden
  • My bike-riding friend being back in town
  • A quiet house
  • A soft sleeping kitty next to me
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One Mindfully

Why Journal Your Gratitude

A Harvard study of 15,000 people found our minds are on mindless autopilot almost 60 percent of the day. A Texas Tech study found that when our minds are on autopilot 60-70 percent of our thoughts are negative. And that’s in the general population. People who are depressed or anxious think negative thoughts more than the general population. This is why developing the habit of noticing positives is so important to healing.

Good news! We Can Train Our Minds

We can train our minds to notice the positives in our lives. We train our minds by simply noticing the positives. We can speed our progress by journaling them and periodically looking back to celebrate progress. Practicing in a community increases our motivation and speeds learning to notice both the wanted and unwanted in our lives even more.

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