Journal Your Gratitude

You are invited to post five things you are thankful for daily. Anyone can post. Grab a friend and hold each other accountable. Encourage your kids to post their gratitude. Cultivating the practice of gratitude has eight well-documented benefits:

  • Gratitude improves mental and emotional health
  • Gratitude improves physical health
  • Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression
  • Gratitude helps you sleep better
  • Gratitude opens the door to deeper, more diverse relationships
  • Gratitude strengthens self-compassion
  • Gratitude cultivates your ability to focus on the present

Journal Your Gratitude

Post five things you are thankful for in the forum below. Focus on little things (a photo that makes you smile), things you take for granted (e.g., air conditioning), a phone call from someone special, a fond memory, the skills to take on a challenging task, using skills to cope with a difficult situation, something in nature, a kindness or something else.

Three Easy Steps

Here are the instructions. Try it once. If you like it, come back again and again.

  • Select the current month
  • Click reply and enter five things you are grateful for.
  • Click Submit

You do not need to register. It’s that simple! That’s it! Now give it a try. If you like it keep coming back.

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June 2020



Watching my son do yardwork out my window as I saw clients

Sitting outside at dusk with my kids and husband and dog

The fact that an owl hovered super close last night, and my son saw it. I picked up my small dog (so the owl couldn't get snatched!),  and my son snapped a photo of the owl. Gorgeous but scary. 

I get to see couples as part of my work!


Napping with my sweet dog

Being back in touch with a dear friend

A beautiful, relatively un-humid day

Being able to fix the weed eater myself

People who care about homeless animals



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One Mindfully
  • Waking up before anyone else in the house and the peace and quiet that comes with that
  • sipping coffee and listening to birds in the backyard
  • the gentle swing of the hammock
  • the many shades of green as the sun rises through the trees
  • the pops of color here and there from the rise of Sharon finally blooming and the little birdhouse my daughter painted. 
  • the electrician coming today who will turn off the electricity in my home on a 90 degree day, forcing me to get creative and find a cool stream or lake to take my kids to - haven’t experienced this yet but I’m actually appreciating this opportunity to explore later. 
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One Mindfully

Today I am grateful for:

-waking up and feeling rested 

-the soft fur behind my dog’s ears

-my spouse for running out to replenish our coffee supply this morning 

-how cute my cat looks laying on my work phone 

-an old friend willing to reconnect 


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One Mindfully

Today I am grateful for:

- my bearded dragon waving at me this morning. 

- the black out curtains in my bedroom for allowing me to sleep better. 

- for the new peppers I noticed growing in my garden today. 

-my 15 year old nephew who texted me this morning just to say I love you. 

-peanut butter and all of its goodness. 


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One Mindfully
  • Rocking my sweet toddler to sleep
  • Frozen paw patrol Figures in ice rescue mission provides fun on a hot day
  • Hubby made dinner
  • Took a walk while grandma played with the 5 year old
  • looking forward to zoom book club anti-racism discussion tonight 



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One Mindfully

Sounds of kids playing outside 

sip of cool drink while sitting outside

my cozy house

beautiful music 

my sleeping cat



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One Mindfully

Clean carpet under barefeet

Smell of fresh cut grass

The feel of barefoot walking on fresh cut yard

The busy small bees so focused and successful

The slight breeze bringing the distant sound of a neighbor playing a violin

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One Mindfully

Today I'm grateful for:

Being able to wash dishes with warm water
Being able to afford a pretty dress I just saw online
Having a peaceful workday
Dinning with friend and having my first cocktail since quarantine started
A cool breeze in my skin while I was feeling hot



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One Mindfully

Grateful for

  • the warmth of my heating pad 
  • my body’s ability to release tension using stretching 
  • ginger tea 
  • sleeping in later since I had a late work day
  • Reading
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One Mindfully

Why Journal Your Gratitude

A Harvard study of 15,000 people found our minds are on mindless autopilot almost 60 percent of the day. A Texas Tech study found that when our minds are on autopilot 60-70 percent of our thoughts are negative. And that’s in the general population. People who are depressed or anxious think negative thoughts more than the general population. This is why developing the habit of noticing positives is so important to healing.

Good news! We Can Train Our Minds

We can train our minds to notice the positives in our lives. We train our minds by simply noticing the positives. We can speed our progress by journaling them and periodically looking back to celebrate progress. Practicing in a community increases our motivation and speeds learning to notice both the wanted and unwanted in our lives even more.

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