Journal Your Gratitude

You are invited to post five things you are thankful for daily. Anyone can post. Grab a friend and hold each other accountable. Encourage your kids to post their gratitude. Cultivating the practice of gratitude has eight well-documented benefits:

  • Gratitude improves mental and emotional health
  • Gratitude improves physical health
  • Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression
  • Gratitude helps you sleep better
  • Gratitude opens the door to deeper, more diverse relationships
  • Gratitude strengthens self-compassion
  • Gratitude cultivates your ability to focus on the present

Journal Your Gratitude

Post five things you are thankful for in the forum below. Focus on little things (a photo that makes you smile), things you take for granted (e.g., air conditioning), a phone call from someone special, a fond memory, the skills to take on a challenging task, using skills to cope with a difficult situation, something in nature, a kindness or something else.

Three Easy Steps

Here are the instructions. Try it once. If you like it, come back again and again.

  • Select the current month
  • Click reply and enter five things you are grateful for.
  • Click Submit

You do not need to register. It’s that simple! That’s it! Now give it a try. If you like it keep coming back.

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June 2020


Grateful this first day of June for ...

~ a volunteer Siberian iris that came from nowhere
~ the blossom's many hues of cream, white and yellow
~ its delicate narrow petals in tight curls
~ a relaxed visit with the in-laws yesterday
~ enjoying sweetie's backyard garden she tends so lovingly
~ two more classes to savor
~ a sweet phone call from my son yesterday
~ all is well ... in spite of so much pain in the world



Grateful today for:

-my body's ability to complete a difficult run this morning 

-a warm, loving voicemail from a friend yesterday

-the gentle wave sounds of my sound machine as I work

-the blooming red roses living next to my desk at home

-re-engaging in a renewed mindfulness practice through my MBCT class 

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One Mindfully

Happy to be here feeling grateful this Tuesday morning for ...

~ beautiful day
~ sitting with hurt feelings
~ maneuvering emotionally laden time in Wisconsin
~ visiting with my parents
~ enjoying the brief moments when my dad is present
~ first of my new classes went well last night
~ next first class tonight and the third wednesday night
~ giving myself permission to feel the whole range of feelings
~ all is well



Things I am grateful for today:

- extra sleep

- my partner’s attentiveness and kindness

- the kindness I received from a client today

- a really long shower

- comfy clothing 

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One Mindfully

My cat's loud snoring 

the sky before a storm

the leaves of the tree in the wind 

my first sip of coffee 

my yellow chair for reading 

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One Mindfully

-Seeing a red-headed woodpecker in my neighbor’s yard

-getting through a hard workout this afternoon

-getting some rain, finally

-ripe blueberries in my garden

-time off from work


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One Mindfully

Grateful for: 

-my dog keeping my feet warm this morning

-the breeze to cut the heat 

-the level of spice in the tacos I ate

-the perfect toast on a bagel 

-the pace slowing down this week at work 



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One Mindfully
  • The moment of peace during my body scan 
  • my healthy eyes
  • the gentle breeze outside
  • friends who check in with me
  • physical ailments healing 
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One Mindfully

-ability to snuggle with my dog for a few quiet minutes 

-check in with my niece about her visit to her grandparents 

-a treat of my favorite meal and the ability to pay for it 

-an understanding boss who is able to see my strengths 

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One Mindfully

The ability to work from home 

an afternoon nap 

my comfy chair 

a body that allows me to take a walk, even when challenging 

ice cream cones 



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One Mindfully

Why Journal Your Gratitude

A Harvard study of 15,000 people found our minds are on mindless autopilot almost 60 percent of the day. A Texas Tech study found that when our minds are on autopilot 60-70 percent of our thoughts are negative. And that’s in the general population. People who are depressed or anxious think negative thoughts more than the general population. This is why developing the habit of noticing positives is so important to healing.

Good news! We Can Train Our Minds

We can train our minds to notice the positives in our lives. We train our minds by simply noticing the positives. We can speed our progress by journaling them and periodically looking back to celebrate progress. Practicing in a community increases our motivation and speeds learning to notice both the wanted and unwanted in our lives even more.

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