Is your life going this way and that without direction or purpose? Do you obsess about events from the past or worries about the future? Are your emotions getting in the way of achieving your goals? Do you suffer from unexplained aches and pains? Do you feel empty and tired? There is an other way — the Mindful Way!

Classes & Retreats

Mindful Way St Louis offers classes and retreats that help you live more fearlessly in the here and now. We offer classes for adults, couples and families with teens. Some classes meet weekly for 8-10 weeks with a full day retreat. Some classes are run as weekend intensives or retreats.

You Choose Emphasis

We offer three classes each with a different emphasis — mental, physical, spiritual and emotional life. You choose the classes that focus on the parts of your life most important to you. Every class touches on all four areas that make up your authentic self. What differs is the amount of time devoted to each area, resources and meditations used and the focus of discussion. You may take one class or all four — whatever best meets your needs.

Depending on what classes you take, you will learn to connect your body and mind (physical emphasis), notice and let go of challenging thoughts (mental emphasis), sit with your emotions then let them go (emotional emphasis) and bring spark back into your spiritual life (spiritual emphasis).

A Common Core

Regardless of emphasis, you will practice noticing your inner life, accepting what is and turning the mind. You will learn and practice different ways to practice meditation. You will identify the unique-to-you patterns that make your life more difficult than need be and practice living more fully into your authentic self.

We Work Collaboratively

We partner with your nonprofit, gym, church, synagogue, yoga studio, school, private practice, or other business/organization to offer classes for a group of people you serve. You can be as hands on or hands off in the planning as you like. Regardless of how involved you get in the planning, your organization will provide the space for the class and market the class to your group (if needed) – with our help, of course. We provide the marketing materials and we can market to our contacts as well.

If you want to be hands on with planning, we collaborate with you to assess the needs of your group, identify goals for the class and determine an optimal way to achieve the desired goals and deliver the class to your group. If you want your staff or volunteers involved in delivering the class, that’s also a possibility. If you prefer to leave the details to us or be involved in some aspects of planning but not others. we will accommodate your wishes to the extent we can.

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